The Obscure Butterfly


I’m still in my cocoon.  My protection.  Simply because I am afraid that the hounds and the wolves will kill my soul.  I watch this world slowly turning to violence, but I am still so optimistic that basic human kindness will win out over all this darkness.  I have faith in people even if the world doesn’t appear to.  I do.

I am fighting my way out of obscurity but frightened by what that entails.  I’m a private person, but have been blessed with some kind of weird light that people tell me about over and over.  I am ironically afraid of that light so I hide in the shadows and corners waiting until someone notices me.

I have become the caregiver and counselor of those around me, so I hide behind responsibility and love, but the Butterfly in me wants to come out and urges me on a daily basis to do so. 

I was told by a long time friend that he felt lost because whenever he walked into a room, people experienced a field of tension around him and everyone immediately became uncomfortable.  He asked me to show him how I did it.  He said I could walk into a room and everybody immediately loved me.  I never knew that about myself.  I told him if that was true, it would only have to be because I project the energy of love.  It’s that simple.  I can see past the veils, the walls, the darkness in a soul and straight to their potential or their love core.  I can see or feel rather past the pain, the scars and the wounds of life.

It hurts me when I see something or someone that I would gladly help only if I had the resources.  I would buy the homeless a house, I would replace what others have lost, I would find a way to get someone to a safe place.  All I have to offer are my words right now.  How do I fight my way out of obscurity and not be afraid to walk upon the stage of life?